Adobe Premiere: How To Import Clips and Folders

Today we import clips to a video project more than ever. Just a few years ago there was only one way to bring video clips in an editing program like Adobe Premiere and that was to manually capture it through a fire wire link. The only time you would import a video clip was if it was already on your computer. That's all changed thanks to tapeless media. New camcorders record directly to a memory card or internal hard drive creating a digital file during recording. All you need to do is transfer it to your computer. It sounds easy but there is a process you should follow to make sure your project comes out the best that it could be.

Getting the Clips to Your Computer

There are a lot of variables involved in getting your video clips onto your computer. It could be a direct transfer or you might need another program to convert those files into a format you can work with. However it is done, it's important to be organized. Transfer all the videos into the same file and then think of a system to organize the clips by. You could do it by shooting days, locations or scenes. Whatever works for you. Divide up all the clips so that they're organized into the appropriate sub folder.

Naming Clips

Tapeless media assigns a name to the video files based on what time it was when it was shot. Go through and watch every single one of your clips. Know what was shot and name of the clip so that you can easily recognize it. Also make note if you can ont he file name. If it was the best take then add BEST at the end of the name. If it was a horrible take then write NG (no good) at the end of the file name so you can avoid. Never delete it though, you may actually still need it in the future.

Importing Clips

Now that your clips are named an organized you can import them into your Adobe Premiere project. Open your project and once it is loaded there are two ways to import files.

You can choose "File"-> "Import" and import the entire folder, or just choose individual clips. You can also double click on a blank area in the bin to open the import window. Once a file is imported give Premiere a few seconds to process the clip so that you will have smooth play back.

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