Adobe Premiere: How To Do a Rolling Edit

A rolling edit in Adobe Premiere is when you want to adjust the running time of several clips without affecting your total video length. In other editing software, particularly those you can get for free, this option may not be available. You will probably have to trim each clip and make sure that you do not exceed your running time. 

With Adobe Premiere, a rolling edit is only a click and drag away. You can even opt to manipulate one clip at a time or all the clips at a timeline. 

Step 1. Click on the Rolling Edit icon at the right side of your timeline. This looks like 2 double-headed arrows with a line down the middle. 

Step 2. Select the clips you want to perform a rolling edit on, or simply place the mouse at an edit point. 

Step 3. Click and drag the clip to the right to lengthen it, or to the left to shorten it. You will notice that the clip right beside it is adjust as well, but the rest of your project's length does not change. 

This means that the ending frame of the clip you're manipulating will change and the start frame of the next clip is going to be affected too. 

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