Adobe Premiere: How To Compare Settings Using the Settings Viewer

When using Adobe Premiere, you can always quickly check your projects setting by using the settings viewer. The settings viewer allows you to once again see the screen that first appears when you start a new project. Here, you can see your settings and even make some changes.

Step 1: Accessing the Settings Viewer

Accessing the settings viewer is easy. Just open the project whose settings you wish to view. Once the project is loaded, choose 'Project'-> 'Project Settings,' and then choose if you wish to view the 'General Settings' or the 'Scratch Disks'. Choosing either of these options will open up the 'Project Settings Viewer'. To switch between the two, all you need to do is click on the appropriate tab in the viewer instead of going through the process of opening the viewer again.

Step 2: Comparing Settings

If you want to compare settings between projects, then open up the project you wish to compare and make note of what setting you were interested in. Then, open another project and compare the two settings to see what was different and what effect it had on your project.

Step 3: Sequence Settings

The project settings are very general. The more specific settings lie with the sequence settings. You can create multiple sequences within one project and compare them right there. Just go to 'Sequence'-> 'Sequence Settings' to see what you are working with.

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