Adobe Premiere: How To Apply Effects

Those who are adept at video editing know that adding effects to your project will make it appear more professional. In Adobe Premiere, there are a number of special effects and transitions that you can use in order to add style and flavor to your finished product. Once you get familiar with these effects and you get the hang of adding and manipulating them, your works will certainly come out polished and professional.

Step 1. Know which effect you want to use. Some effects are for necessity, some are simply for design. If your video is too dark, you might want to apply a Brightness and Contrast effect. If you want to impart the feeling of nostalgia, you might want to opt for Old Film or Sepia.

Step 2. Look for the Effects Window. If it's not open, you can access it at Window > Effects. Expand the folder containing Video Effects.

Step 3. Simply click and drag the effect from the Effects Window to the clip in your timeline.

Step 4. Customize your effects. Open the Effects Controls Window. From here, you can change the effects' different attributes and assign keyframes to your clip. 

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