Adobe Premiere: How To Adjust Audio Levels

Adobe Premiere gives you several options for adjusting audio levels. You can adjust both gain and volume. Gain is the audio level in individual clips, while volume is the audio level in sequence clips or tracks. This guideline will go over directions for specifying gain levels and adjusting volume levels.

Specifying Gain Levels

To specify the gain level for an individual clip, you will need to select the clip in the Timeline panel. With the clip selected, choose Clip, then Audio Options, then Audio Gain. From the Audio Gain menu, you will be able to enter a numeric Gain value. The original gain of the clip is represented by 0.0 dB. You can also instruct Adobe Premiere to adjust the audio gain of a clip automatically. To do this, click on Normalize. Adobe Premiere will examine the gain levels in the selected clip and make adjustments to ensure that the gain never exceeds 0.0 dB.

Using the Timeline Panel to Adjust Volume

The Timeline panel in Adobe Premiere allows you to adjust the volume of an entire clip or track. You can also use the Timeline panel to adjust the volume of a clip or track over a predetermined period of time. To use the Timeline panel to adjust volume levels, you will need to click on the Show Keyframes button, which is located in the audio track header.

When the pop-up menu appears, you will be presented with 4 different options. Show Clip Keyframes allows you to animate audio effects for the selected clip. By animating audio levels, you are also able to adjust Volume Level. Show Clip Volume allows you to only change the Volume Level of the clip. Show Track Keyframe lets you adjust several audio track effects, such as Volume, Balance and Mute. The final option, Show Track Volume, allows you to only adjust the Volume Level of the selected track.

If you selected the Show Clip Keyframes option, you can adjust the volume by clicking on the drop down menu, which is located at the head of the clip in the audio track. From the drop down menu, select Volume then Level. If you selected the Show Track Keyframes option, you can use the same drop down menu, but you will need to choose Track then Volume. By using either the Selection tool or the Pen tool, you will be able to adjust the volume levels. If you move the rubberband up, the volume will increase. If you move the rubberband down, the volume will decrease.

Applying Volume Levels to Multiple Clips

If you are satisfied with the volume level that you have set for an individual clip, you can apply that same volume level to multiple clips. To do this, you will need to have the clip selected and choose Edit then Copy from the Timeline panel. A marquee will appear, which will allow you to select the other clips that you want to apply the volume level to. With the other clips selected, choose Edit then Paste Attributes.

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