Adobe Bridge: Sizing Thumbnails

Adobe Bridge is sophisticated media management software that provides easy access to all your assets from a centralized location. The software is available with the standalone applications of CS5 and also with Creative Suite 5. The software is packed with many features to efficiently manage and organize vast assets. 


One of the main features of Adobe Bridge is the area for thumbnail preview also called the Lightbox, which forms the right hand side of the default workspace. When you click on any folder in the left panel, the preview area gets filled with thumbnail previews of the image files found in that folder.

Sizing Thumbnails

Adobe Bridge has now included an effective control to change the size of thumbnails in the Lightbox. At the bottom of the area for preview, you will see a slider control. You only need to drag this slider to change the size of the thumbnails. Movement to the left will decrease their size while dragging the bar to the right will make all the thumbnails bigger. At the two ends of the slider bar, you will see two rectangles. Clicking on the left rectangle will reduce all the thumbnails to the smallest size possible and clicking on the right one increases their size to the fullest size possible.

The slider control has made previewing thumbnails very easy and effective compared to the file browser, where changing the thumbnail size was a major hassle.