Adjusting Photo Contrast with DxO Lighting

DxO Lighting is a technology used in DxO Optics Pro that automatically sets the optimum photo contrast in the image and also provides controls for manual adjustments. The technology is able to fix a wide range of issues concerned with contrast without damaging any other aspects of the image. Sometimes the automatic corrections may not be enough, but you can adjust the contrast with DxO Lighting by doing the following:

Step 1 - Open the Image

After you have initialized DxO Optics Pro, click on the Select tab and browse to find you image and click Open.

Step 2 - Adjusting Contrast

Click on the Prepare tab and select the third icon under Workflow which will open Before/After window where you can see your images side by side. Click on Light button, which is on the top menu bar on the right side of the screen. This will open the Light panel where Dxo Lighting is the second box. Here you have various options in the Auto Mode box which you can try out. For example choosing Strong will give a stronger lighting to the image but will also improve the contrast. Another control is the Intensity slider by which you can adjust the intensity of contrast to the required level.