Adjusting Photo Brightness in Xara Xtreme

Adjusting the photo brightness in Xara Xtreme is a fairly simple task. The software comes packed with inbuilt photo correction tools that will help you make tonal and color based corrections in an image (just as easily as anywhere else). For this tutorial, have a photo ready for experimenting with.

Step 1: Selecting Your Photo

Start by opening your photo in Xara Xtreme. Then, select the photo using the selector tool. Next, select the photo tool from the main toolbar.

Step 2: Working with the Photo tool

The photo tool contains several photo-specific adjustments that are necessary when doing basic photo editing. Within the toolbar that will open up with the photo tool, you will see various adjustment options for the photo that you have selected. It lets you adjust color temperature, saturation, contrast, blur and of course, brightness. You will find these options beside the enhance button in the toolbar.

Step 3: Selecting Your Brightness Level

The brightness level in Xara Xtreme is shown as numbers changing by +1 or -1. When you change the value in the brightness field, the change will be reflected immediately on the photo that you have selected. Thus, you can keep on changing the value to get the right look in your photo. Xara xtreme uses non-destructive photo editing, so no matter how many times you make changes, your photo quality will not deteriorate.

Step 4: Using the Xara Photo Editor

Xara Xtreme also comes with a small application called XPE (Xara Photo Editor), which can be used from inside Xtreme or as a stand alone application. If you use this, you will find the brightness option under the Enhance button of the main tool bar that sits below the screen.