Adjusting Color Vibrancy in Paintshop Photo Pro

Paintshop Photo Pro is a great photo editor with interesting output and editing features. It has a friendly interface, so both professionals and beginners will find it easy to use. The application comes with new mid-level tools and some nice photo effects.

Step 1: Using Paintshop Photo Pro

Photoshop Photo Pro comes with new features and options. Among the most interesting and useful ones is the RAW Lab, which allows you to edit RAW images. Another feature is the Sharing options, which allows you to share your photos and project on social networks such as Youtube, Flickr, Facebook and others. You can also import and export HD videos. The special tabs and menu tools allow users to modify, edit and add special effects to their images and projects. Use the Express Lab to fix common flaws or the advanced editing tools such as Smart Carver and Vibrancy.

Step 2: Understanding the Vibrancy Tool

Paintshop Photo Pro has a lot of useful tools, and the Vibrancy tool is one of them. This is both an advanced color tool and an improved saturation tool ideal for color boosting in poor saturated areas. Using this tool on your photo editing process won’t affect other parts of the image. It is a great option to use for high ISO photographs with poor or reduced level of color saturation. It is also great for fixing low-light sensitivity. The Vibrancy tool is also ideal for fixing skin tones which are under-saturated due to high ISO exposure.

Step 3: Adjusting Color Vibrancy

Paintshop Photo Pro allows you to adjust color vibrancy such as hue and saturation. When it comes to digital images, saturation gives the image nice color touches. Unfortunately, too much saturation gives the image an unrealistic look. This is where the Vibrancy tool comes in. This tool controls saturation and allows you to edit only low-saturated parts in your photos and images, without affecting the whole image. Using this special Paintshop Photo Pro feature, you can boost color in poor saturated areas without altering other color tones.

Step 4: Adjusting Hue and Saturation

Launch you Paintshop Photo Pro program and open your project or load photo. Choose from the menu Adjust -> Hue and Saturation -> Vibrancy. After the vibrancy dialogue box appears, click next to Preview and open the Preview panel. You can mark the Preview on Image box to view results directly on your photo. Next, adjust the Strength slider by dragging it to the right to increase the saturation level of poor saturated color areas or to the left to decrease saturation. The highly saturated areas are left unaltered. Saturation values vary from -100 to +100, while the 0 value preserves the original settings. Click OK and view results. Don’t forget to save your image, preferably with a different name than the original.

Using the Paintshop Photo Pro application is simple, fun and the best thing about this program is that you don’t have to be an expert to get it right.