Adding an Explosion in Movie Edit Pro 14

Movie Edit Pro 14 now provides advanced features and tools to create a variety of special effects. One of the cool features of this movie editing software is that you can add an explosion to a clip without actually filming any of the dangerous stuff. Here's how:

Step 1: Getting the Clips Ready

You will need two clips for this project; one being the clip you have shot and the other a clip of an explosion. The readymade clip of an explosion can be downloaded from some of the websites on the Internet who specialize in them. You will need a clip where the explosion occurs against a black background. When you have these clips ready, drag them onto the timeline.

Step 2: Editing the Downloaded Clip

You will need to edit the downloaded clip of the explosion, as there will be segments which you do not need. Play the clip on the timeline and select the exact frames that you will need. Place the marker of the timeline up to the point you require the clip and then click on the "Split Video" button under the preview window. Delete the cut clip you do not want by clicking on the "Delete" button.

Step 3: Positioning the Explosion Clip and Getting it Ready

Now place the edited clip of the explosion on the track below the audio track of your original clip. Align the starting of the clip, exactly on the frame where you require the explosion to occur in your clip. Right click on the explosion clip and choose "Video effects," which will open up the Video Controller window. Click on the "Black Box" button, as the background in the clip is black.

In the preview window of the Video Controller you can click, and drag on the image of the explosion to place it in the exact place you want in the shot. There are slider controls for "Fading Range" and "Threshold," which you can adjust to get the right effect. Click on OK to save whatever you have adjusted. Now when you play the clips on the timeline, you will see that the explosion has been added to your clip.