Active Webcam: An Overview

Active WebCam is a piece of security software which can be used on almost all computers with a webcam. This software will turn your basic webcam into a sophisticated security system. This makes it possible to secure and protect your computer and office from intruders.

Inexpensive Cameras

The webcams which can be used by Active WebCam are very inexpensive. These cameras are much cheaper than a dedicated security camera. This makes it possible for anyone to set up their own security system for a low cost. By using these cameras, it is possible and fairly easy to protect your whole office.

Number of Cameras

Active WebCam supports the use of multiple cameras. This makes it very easy to cover large offices and even entire buildings. It's possible to use wireless IP cameras to avoid the need to install lots of cable throughout the building.


Unlike some other similar pieces of software, Active Webcam makes it possible to broadcast the footage on the Internet. This is very useful because it makes it possible to check the state of something even if you are the other side of the world.

The footage can be broadcast on a webserver or uploaded to a FTP server. This makes it possible to watch the security video anywhere.