Achieving a Cinematic Look in Movie Edit Pro

Movie Edit Pro lets you edit movie clips and add different kinds of special effects. A movie clip looks more dramatic when it seen in a cinematic format, and the same cinematic look can be achieved with Movie Edit Pro. The following describes how this can be done.

Step 1: Drag Your Movie Clip onto the Timeline

Once you have initialized Movie Edit Pro, drag the clip onto the timeline.

Step 2: Make a JPEG File of the First Shot

Place the marker in the Timeline on the first shot in the clip. Click on File from the top menu bar and select "Export Movie." Then, click on "Single frame as JPEG." In the window that opens, go over the settings and make sure they are okay. Now save the file.

Step 3: Edit the JPEG File in Windows Paint

Open the JPEG file you just created in Windows Paint. Click on the Rectangle Tool and make sure the color is set to black. Then, paint a black strip about one centimeter wide on the top and at the bottom of the photo. The rest of the photo has to be covered in green paint. Save this photo.

Step 4: Edit Your Movie Clip

Right click on your movie clip in the timeline, and from the menu that pops up, click on "Video Cleaning." This will open up the Video Cleaning window where you will find convenient slider controls which will help you get a particular look for your movie. Under the Brightness tab, click on the "Selective brightness (gamma)" and slide the control a little bit to your left. You will find the resultant change in the preview window. Then click on the Color tab if you want to change the Saturation levels. Like this, you can adjust the various slider controls to achieve the look you want for your clip. Then click OK.

Step 5: Getting the Cinematic Effect

Now drag the JPEG photo you created just below the track of your clip and align it at the start. Right click on the photo and click on "Video Controller." In the window which opens, click on the "Green Box" button. Now when you play the clips, you will see the cinematic look for your clip.