ACDSee Photo Manager: Backing Up Your Database

If you want to back up your database information, you can use the ACDSee Photo Manager backup wizard. The backed up information can be restored in the case of an unfortunate event or a database and system failure. This way, you can back up your media files, images or archives along with all the needed information of the database.

The ACDSee Photo Manager Backup Wizard will create a number of folders in a location that contains the entire saved database information. Here is how you can back up your database in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Click on the Back up Database

In this step, you see the welcome page where you will click on the “create a new backup”. Once the new Backup page opens, you will need to select the pieces you want to save.

Step 2: Select the Information to Back Up

If all the information you want to save is in your computer, you should click on “Do not Include Thumbnails”. You should use thumbnails only if you have some pieces of information stored in external media such as CDs and DVDs. Click Next.

Step 3: Specify the Backup Location

The next page is the backup location page where you need to specify the backup location and provide a name for the file. Make sure that the name you will use has less than 16 characters. When you are ready to continue, click on Next.

Step 4: Review the Settings

The next page is the backup summary page, where you need to make sure that your settings are correct. If not, review them and make the changes you want. When you are done, click on Finish and the backup will take place.