ACDSee Photo Editor: Working with Templates

ACDSee Photo Editor is a full feature photo editing application which makes touching up your photos very simple. With a bit of practice, it will be easy to get to grips with this application. ACDSee makes it possible to create all sorts of keepsakes including calendars, business cards and greetings cards.

It's possible to make this easier by using templates. Some templates are included with the software and others are available on the Internet. The templates can then be customized and adjusted until you are happy with them. This makes your projects look unique and professional, even if you are using a common template.

Step 1: Loading the Template

To load the template in ACDSee Photo editor, you should click on File and then select New from template. This will display a list of the templates available on your computer. Browse through all of these by clicking on them. A preview of each template will be displayed. When you have chosen the template you want to use, click ok.

Step 2: Editing the Background

The first thing that you can adjust is the background of the template. To do this, select the background from the object palette. The image basket has a list of images which are suitable. New layers and objects can be created by dragging them into the object palette. Once you are happy with the background, lock the layer to prevent it from being moved accidentally.

Step 3: Editing Other Layers

You can then edit all of the other layers in the template. This will create a unique project even when using a template. Using the advanced features, such as trim to shape, will make it easy to replace objects in your template with different ones.

If you're not sure which objects are selected, you can click the small eye in the object palette. The object that is selected will disappear.