ACDSee Photo Editor: How to Recolor Elements

ACDSee Photo Editor is a great way to edit and recolor your photographs to ensure the best quality. You can edit photographs for a range of purposes, such as gift tags, labels and cards using ACDSee Photo Editor. The editor not only allows you to edit the whole picture, but also select the elements that you may want to change. It is easy to recolor a photo if you follow these steps:

Step 1: Editing the Screen Tolerance

You must first open up the ACDSee Photo Editor. Select the magic wand on your screen and edit the tolerance. Select a low tolerance number if you want to edit a small area and a larger number to edit a large area.

Step 2: Selecting the Area

Decide on the area that you want to change the color of and select it. This can be changed by using the undo button.

Step 3: Selecting the Color

You must then select ‘color’ from the ‘adjustments’ menu at the top of your screen. Follow this by selecting ‘colorize’ from the drop down menu. To select your color, you must click on the image you have opened on your ACDSee Photo Editor. Various colors will appear. Continue clicking through the colors until you find one that you want to use.

Step 4: Saving Your Image

You must now save your image so that your changes are not lost. If your image is a normal shape, such as a square, then it can be saved as a jpg file. However, if the image is an irregular shape, then it must be saved as a png file.

You now know the basics of color editing using ACDSee Photo Editor, so it is time to start editing your photographs to see improved results and more effective pictures.