ACDSee Photo Editor: Drop Shadows in Digital Scrapbooks

ACDSee Photo editor can be used to create some exciting drop shadows and other interesting effects. These draw viewers into the page and make it look much more interesting. A drop shadow is designed to make something on a flat page look as if it is a three dimensional object.

It's easy to add drop shadows to all objects including text. The beauty of ACDSee is that you can apply drop shadows to all objects in the same way.

Selecting the Objects

First, you will need to create an object that you want to add a drop shadow to. You will then need to select it. With the object selected, click the Object menu at the top of the screen and select "Drop Shadow".

Choosing the Color

The default color for the drop shadow will be Black, however, it is possible to change this to any color you want. To choose the color, select it from the color palette. Many digital scrapbooks use gray because it is a slightly softer color.

Angle of the Light

The default angle of the shadow is 315 degrees; this makes it look like the light comes from the top left hand corner. You can drag the dial to move where the light is coming from.


The offset slider can be used to separate the shadow and the object slightly. You will need to use different offset settings depending on the object you are adding the shadow to.

The blur of the shadow can also be adjusted to change the sharpness of the shadow.


As the drop shadow is a separate layer, it is possible to adjust the opacity of the shadow independently of the other layers. This makes it possible to make the shadow harsher or softer depending on the object and your preferences.