A Look at Pos Free Photo Editor

The Pos Free Photo Editor is a photo editing software program that’s powerful and easy to use. The application has a simple, user-friendly graphical user interface that is specifically designed for beginners, while providing enough options to handle photo-editing tasks that range from basic to complex.

Photo Editing Tools

Some of the jobs that can be done with the Pos Free Photo Editor are removing scratches, erasing unwanted details, and blurring or sharpening parts of a photo. The photo editor also allows for the use of layers and masks and is capable of supporting the major graphic formats, including JPEG, BMP and TIF files.

Computer Graphics Tools

In addition to editing photos, the computer graphics tools, which include a variety of brushes, can be used to create transparencies, gradients, patterns and textures. The photo frames tool makes it easy to put a frame around a photo. The printing tool makes it easy to print multiple images on a single piece of paper or print on a single sheet, using various effects.

System Requirements

At minimum, the Pos Free Photo Editor requires:

  • a Pentium(R) 350Mhz/equivalent processor or faster with 256 MB of RAM and 300 MB of free disk space
  • a monitor that provides 16-bit color with 800x600 resolution
  • Windows XP or Windows Vista