A Basic Guide to iDVD

If you are looking to make dvds in less time, iDVD may be for you. With this program, you can make your own movies and photo slide shows that are of a professional quality. These DVDs are fully customizable, just as you would find on the store shelves.

Magic iDVD

If you want to make your menu a certain theme to match your movie, it is very easy. The "Magic iDVD" automatically creates a total project  from beginning to end. It creates a main menu, adds buttons and scene selection menus, and even slideshow menus. You just burn your DVD and let this program take care of the rest.


Not only can you use iDVD for movies, you can also use it to show off your pictures. Simply choose a theme and add photos one at a time, or you can select entire albums from the media browser. Add a few video clips to truly show off your personality and family. Use slide show editor to rearrange those photos, erase your slides, or even add more photos from your library. If you feel like adding music to your slideshows, you can choose a playlist from your iTunes library to give some background music to the slide show. The possibilities are endless regarding your slide show.


While iDVD used to cost extra if you wanted it on your Mac computer, it is now included in the software that is provided with Mac computers. The versions vary, but the basic themes and uses are the same. With over 30 supported languages, anyone can easily learn how to burn a DVD within a few minutes.


There are some important points to remember before you decide to install iDVD onto your computer. There are requirements that are needed before you can install these programs onto your computer. Some of the computer requirements are:

  • Mac OS v10.5.6 or later
  • 4GB of available disk space
  • QuickTime 7.5.5 or later
  • Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5 or PowerPC processor

There are other necessities for  your computer, but they vary according to the type of iDVD that you would like to install onto your computer.


With over 150 themes available for your iDVD, you can always choose a theme that complements your occasion. Perhaps you want to transfer your daughters birthday party onto a DVD. If the party was in the spring, you can choose a flower theme for your DVD and add summer music to the background. There are both widescreen and standard formats to fit your needs. Many themes have animations, and all themes allow you to drop your pictures onto the screen to allow for greater personalization.


Once you have created your piece of art, burn your DVD for your friends and relatives. They can watch the DVD on any widescreen or regular format television, personal computer or Mac.


There are frequent updates that are included with your purchase of iDVD. If you register your product, you will be told of product updates and can download these updates to better suit your needs.

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