9 New Features in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 is a new version of the popular Lightroom application. This makes editing and touching up photographs much easier than it is normally. Lightshop means that you can easily apply various touch up effects to photos without needing to use Photoshop.

Photoshop Lightroom is especially popular with bloggers who want to be able to publish their photographs as quickly as they possibly can. Lightroom 2 has some new features which make using it even easier.

1. Support for Multiple Monitors

Anyone using image editing software will need lots of space in order to do the tasks properly. One of the best new features with Lightroom 2 is that it supports multiple monitors. This means that you can connect a second monitor to your computer as long as your graphics card supports it. Lightroom will then be able to support the use of both monitors, which will give you plenty of space to work with.

2. Extensions

Lightroom 2 also supports the use of plug-ins and extensions. This makes it possible to easily add new features and make certain procedures much easier. These plug-ins also make it very easy to upload and share your photos with various photo sharing and photo websites.

3. Adjustment Brush

Photoshop Lightroom 2 has a local adjustment brush which can make changes to a local area of a photograph. These adjustments are much more accurate than they were in previous versions.

4. Support for 64-bit Processors

The latest version of Lightroom supports 64-bit processors. This means that the new version will be able to use your computer hardware much more efficiently and will work quicker on computers with 64-bit processors.

5. Print Options

Lightshop supports easy photo printing options, which makes it possible to arrange and select multiple images to print on various sizes of paper. Templates can also be applied to your photos to make them more interesting when printing.

6. Better Integration with Photoshop

Lightroom has always supported integration with Photoshop, however, the latest version supports better integration with Photoshop CS4. This means that you can easily open your images up in Photoshop if needed. Any edits in Photoshop will automatically appear in the Lightshop Previews.

7. Organizational Tools

Photoshop Lightroom also has enhanced organizational tools which make it possible to find photos. Photos can be filtered by various keywords and tags.

Lightroom 2 also has enhanced volume management tools which makes it easy to manage photos across various drives and folders no matter where they are stored on your computer.

8. Sharpening Output

Output sharpening is enhanced and improved in Lightroom 2, which make it possible to improve the output photographs. Whenever photos are exported, they will automatically be sharpened to improve the quality. This means that the photos are instantly ready to be uploaded on the Internet or printed out without further editing.

9. Batch Processing

Lightroom has enhanced batch processing which makes it much easier to import a large amount of photos from digital camera memory cards. The files can be renamed, organized and touched up automatically. This makes handling large volumes of photos very easy.

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