8 Professional Looking Fonts in Label Factory

Label Factory is a program that can produce all different types of labels. There are many different label formats and label templates to choose from. Some of the common labels include jar labels, DVD labels, address labels, tape labels, audio labels, name badges and more. There are many tools within the software that allow users to personalize and customize the different labels, change the backgrounds, add a clip art object, choose from many fonts and use other editing tools.

It is possible to create labels by yourself or to take advantage of the label wizards. The program has more than 500 different fonts to choose from, including:

1. Jura

Jura is a very distinctive font, but it is also clear and very easy to read. It can be used for headings or body content. The Jura font is a type of typeface that is not dated as so many other typefaces can be.

2. Prociono

The font was created by the league of moveable type. The name stands for a raccoon or the star known as procyon. This font is popular in web pages because of its clarity. This is a version of typeface but uses more linear lines without the foot or hats found on old fashion typeface.

3. Ingleby

The Ingleby font offers a different style to a professional looking font. It does not follow typeface, but does show just a small amount of calligraphy with the start and end strokes of the letters. All of the glyphs are formed in a left to right formation.

4. Mark Sans

This is best for those looking for a clear but tall and thin font. This is a sans-serif typeface that was originally designed from the Times Roman font. This can be difficult to read if the font is too small. But, the font looks very modern and clean.

5. Franchise

The franchise font is similar to what is found in many advertisements. The design is meant to get a message across powerfully and very fast. The reader should not have to spend time deciphering the font.  All characters are uniform and can be comfortably used anywhere. A great example is that this font is used on baseball scoreboards.

6. Champagne

Champagne is a more elegant font that uses curlicues and flourishes, particularly on capital letters. This tends to be a font associated with antiques and art, as it is a special type of professional font and not suitable for everyone. This is very formal and the user should think about the situation before choosing this font to make sure they both match.

7. Wendelin

Wendelin is a type of basic font that is part of the sans-serif typeface. There are several different forms of Wendelin, as the thickness of the letters range from thin to wide and some versions are even slanted a little bit.

8. League Gothic

This is a revival of the old gothic font. It is perfect for those wanting a professional, clean font but also wanting the font to have a bit of age to it. It is a great way to utilize the gothic typeface without dating your work.