8 Great Photodex Proshow Transition Options

Photodex Proshow Transitions offers pre-built transition effects for use with the Photdex. These transitions play right between the slides of each show. Each transition can be used to control how a previous slide transitions into the next slide. These transitions can range from the very simple fades and wipes to some of the most dazzling special effects. The Photodex Proshow itself includes around 300 of these transitions, and the Photodex Proshow Transitions Pack provides an additional 25 exciting and professional looking transitions for your use.

Following are eight of the greatest Photodex Proshow Transitions options.

1. Brushstrokes

A series of beautiful brushstrokes paint the next slide on top of the previous slide.

2. Clapboard

A Hollywood style clapboard takes you to the next slide.

3. Double Seamed Tilt

This transition splits the previous slide in half and rotates it out, while the next slide rotates in from the outer ends and joins in the middle to form a complete slide.

4. Ink Splatters

The upcoming slide appears in the form of ink droplets falling on the previous slide and these drops later coalesce to form the complete slide.

5. Map Fold Build

The slide moves in and move out while folding and unfolding like old world maps.

6. Spinning Doors

A kind of a spinning door rotates in the middle of the screen and ushers in the next slide over the previous one.

7. TV - Interlacing

Inspired by TV interlaces, the next slide flickers and wipes over the previous slide.

8. TV - Scan Lines

Reminiscent of an old TV, the old slide flickers and distorts and then rolls over to reveal the next slide.