8 Great Features of Ulead Photo Explorer

Ulead Photo Explorer has a number of interesting features which makes it perfect for professional and amateur photographers. Anyone who is interested in taking photos will find that this software is one of the best ways to organize photos. It's also great for cataloging family photos. Here are eight great features of this program:

1. Automatic Camera Detection

The software supports automatic camera detection. This is a great time saver, as you don't need to manually select the cameras. As soon as you connect the camera, it will be recognized by the software.

2. Memory Card Detection

The software will automatically start downloading from a memory card as soon as one is inserted into the reader on your computer. This speeds up the process of getting images off your camera and onto your computer so that they can be edited or enjoyed.

3. Simplicity

Ulead Photo Explorer has some very nice touches which makes it very simple to use. This is particularly easy even if you don't know much about photography or computers. There are a series of wizards which can help you to edit and download photos very easily.

4. Website Downloads

If you want a large number of images from a single website then you will normally need to download each one individually. However, by using PhotoExplorer you can actually download all of these images in one go. Simply enter the website address and wait while all of the images are identified and then downloaded onto your computer.

5. Photo Albums

By using the software, you can easily organize all of your digital photos. It's possible to add them into different albums quickly and easily by clicking a few buttons. The albums can be renamed so that they are memorable and easy to find. There is also an album calendar view which makes it very simple to take a look at what images were loaded onto your computer and when.

6. Auto Fix

If you are interested in touching photos up, then you will be able to use the auto fix functions. This will automatically fix the color balance, exposure and brightness so that your images look much better.

7. Editing

PhotoExplorer also supports advanced manual editing which can make the best of any photo. The tools include cropping, straightening and focus controls. The editing tools are very simple to use.

8. Slideshow CDs

If you want to display your photos and show them to people without a computer then you might be interested in the ability to create photo slideshows. These can be created on DVD or CD which can then be played back in a VCD or DVD player connected to your television.

The slideshows can also be exported as a video file which can then be shared easily over the Internet. This makes it very simple to share your family photos with anyone even if they are thousands of miles away.