7 Useful Features of PhotoFiltre

PhotoFiltre is a powerful image editing program which can retouch images with ease. With its full range of options, it can make simple and advanced adjustments on a particular image. Its easy–to-use toolbar is very handy and gives you access to different standard filters with just a few easy clicks. Here are seven useful features of this program:

1. Filters

PhotoFiltre has a wide range of filters to choose from. Even beginners will be able to navigate this software with ease. Standard filters include brightness, gamma correction, contrast, etc.

2. Brushes

The standard brushes can all be found in this software (round, square, etc.), but there is also an array of other brushes that may interest you, depending on your mood and needs. For example, one of the most popular brushes is the rainbow option.

3. Vectorial Selections

Two types of vectorial selections can be used while editing: automatic shapes or lasso and polygon. Depending on your needs, both selection types allow highlighting a section by dragging the mouse, and this becomes the selected portion.

4. Auto-Fill Option

With this option, you are able to fill various shapes with your preferred color in one click. This tool saves editors a lot of time in filling blank spaces in the image.

5. Red-Eye Correction

There is also a feature that can carefully and subtly correct the red-eye phenomenon usually caused by most cameras.

6. GIF Animation

Using the different layers, this feature can create animated GIF images. Layers are merged one by one and are integrated together to complete the animated image.

7. Batch Processing

You can also edit multiple images at once with the batch processing feature. PhotoFiltre gives you the ability to apply various changes to pictures all at once.