7 Useful Features of Fluid Mask

For people who want to take up photography, photo editing and graphic design, Fluid Mask is a great tool that can help in these fields. This software is able to highlight the edges of images, giving the editor more control and options in improving the image layout. Here are seven useful features of Fluid Mask:

1. Image Segmentation:

This feature let's you see the different segments of your image. It allows you to be very precise.

2. Edge Blending

Blending the edges of a segmented image to a different background is now made much easier. You will now be able to blend and mix different images to form a new image.

3. Instant Assistance

A help window is always present while you work for instant access if you need help in your photo editing. It’s just one click away and it can help you with anything that you may need.

4. Color Workspace and Sampler

The color workspace and sampler can be used to customize the color of your image to a very fine degree. Use the scale in order to choose the desired color.

5. Customized Settings

Fluid Mask also allows you to customize the settings of your work, making things easier for you while editing images.

6. Adding Edges

You can go as far as adding your own edges if you think that the present image seems to be missing something. Use this in tandem with the Image Segmentation tool.

7. Resolution Adjustment

While segment processing, adjusting the resolution can blend the images better together, making the overall image more precise and whole. With Fluid Mask, adjusting the resolution results in no loss in image quality.