7 Reasons to Use Picture Doctor for Picture Recovery

Picture Doctor is a program you can use to restore damaged or corrupted files. Files that have been revived shall then be saved in BMP format. File formats that are supported by this recovery tool are JPEG and PSD. Here are some of the key features of this product that could help with your photo nightmares:

1. Supports JPEG and PSD Formats

Since JPEG and PSD files are the likely file formats for your images, Picture Doctor can handle these with no problems.

2. Free

The program gives its users a chance to try it out before they purchase the full version. You’d like to test the waters first before jumping in, right?

3. Original Dimensions and Palettes of Images are Recovered

It can restore your images to their original state as if nothing happened. Pictures are brought back to life and are re-established like new.

4. Ease of Use

Anyone can use it since the interface is very user-friendly. Unlike other intimidating programs with tons of options and buttons to click, restoring your photos could not get any easier.

5. Recovers Layers Data for PSD Images

Photoshop users may find this feature quite handy, giving them a little more leniency and room in editing images.

6. Batch File Processing

You can take numerous files and restore them in one go. Avoid the tedious process of restoring hundreds of photos one at a time.

7. Image Recovery Service at Home

Now there’s no need to bring your damaged image files to a professional. With the Picture Doctor, you can do it at the comfort of your own home in a couple of easy steps.