6 Ways to Use T-Shirt Factory

T-Shirt Factory is a computer program that allows it's users to design graphics for, well, mainly for t-shirts. Users utilize the three step work flow process to design their graphics, print them with PerfectPeel transfer paper, and then apply them to the t-shirt. And, with over 28,000 graphics to incorporate into your designs as well as the ability to import your own digital photos, the creative possibilities for your t-shirt designs are endless.

T-Shirt Factory comes with over 6,000 projects to help you get started with your designs. And, these projects are not just limited to t-shirt designs. With PerfectPeel transfer paper, you can apply your designs in this program to virtually any piece of fabric. Here are 6 ways to use T-Shirt Factory.

1. Clothing

Making t-shirts for both adults and children is the most obvious use for this program. But, the truth is that you can design and apply graphics for any piece of clothing that you want, whether it's a tank top or a unique design for your boxer shorts.

One really cool thing that you can do with this program is design your own sweatshirt. This program is great for high school and college students that want to be different from the crowd, because they can create their own clothing with a personal design that no one else will have.

2. Mouse Pads

With T-Shirt Factory, you can design your own custom mouse pads. You can express your individualism at the office by making your own custom graphics. Or, if you're one of those people that loves placing photos of loved ones on your desk, then this is one way to get one more on there.

3. Aprons

T-Shirt Factory has projects in it that allow you to create your own aprons. You can use this to make all of your guests jealous that you have a cool apron in your kitchen that they can't buy at the store.

4. Tote Bags

Everyone has had a use for a tote bag at one time or another. This program allows you to apply your own unique designs to them. Whether it's a company logo or a photo of your dog, it's up to you.

5. Patches & Badges

If you have a small business and are trying to create some awareness, then giving out patches and badges is an effective way to do it. They're not expensive to buy, and you can create your own designs with this program.

6. Pennants

Team sports are important for children because it teaches them to work hard, strategize, cooperate with others and be competitive. One way to help them cherish and remember that experience is to give them a unique team pennant at the end of the season. With T-Shirt Factory, you can design and make it.