6 Useful Features of AlbumCreator

If you strive to have great photo galleries, FirmTools AlbumCreator 3 is what you need. It encourages creativity for professional image galleries. With all the benefits it offers, the software pricing is great. With three amazing versions; Lite, Basic and PRO, you cannot miss out with AlbumCreator. This tool has a very easy-to-use intuitive interface, enabling you to create professional Flash and/or HTML photo albums and be able to get them to the Web. All this is done by following a few easy steps. The useful features of this tool are:

1. Themes

FirmTools AlbumCreator 3 is able to avail you with not only HTML themes, but also flash themes to use as you make the albums. You do not need to have knowledge about flash technologies to use them.

2. Photo Sharing

This tool has an advanced plug-in that you can use to generate an album and share it.

3. Ability to Customize

Every theme in this software has unique settings that help with Web gallery customization (for example, thumbnail size or background color).

4. Editing Photos

To get photos to look better, use the PhotoEnhancer tool. This tool is part of all AlbumCreator versions. It removes red-eye from photos, corrects photo color, and allows rotation and flipping of images.

5. Professional Looking Photo Albums

Using this software, you can create albums with a great design in a short amount of time.

6. Create Your Own Exclusive Themes

You can create your own templates even without HTML knowledge using the manual. You can also share your themes with other software users.