6 Reasons to Use Watermark Factory

Adding a watermark, signature or text to your photos is now made easy by Watermark Factory. Have you ever had the surprise of seeing your photos being used on another site without permission? This simple program protects your photos and your copyrights easily. Here are six good reasons why you should use Watermark Factory:

1. Watermark Protection

Now you can protect your copyrights by adding a simple watermark to your photos. You can stamp anything on your image, whether it’s your name, signature or website address. The important thing is that you can mark your photos as yours.

2. Date Stamping

This tool also allows you to stamp dates on images. With technology so advanced nowadays, some digital cameras aren’t even capable of doing this when you take a picture. This function easily fixes that.

3. Displayed Image Information

Now you can also display the EXIF and IPTC info as watermarks on your image. This software is able to provide accurate information and stamp it onto the image (e.g. aperture, ISO, etc.).

4. Web Preparation

You need to do a lot of things before you post your images on the web. You have to crop, resize, etc. This tool lets you do all these things and more. No need to open a separate program to prep your pictures for the net. And what makes it even better, you can do these in batches.

5. Format Conversion

You can also change the images to different file type of your choice, whether it be JPEG, BMP or GIF.


Adding comments to pictures has also never been easier. With Watermark Factory, you can now label your pictures appropriately.