6 Key Features of Panoweaver

For stitching any type of picture to create panoramic images, the Panoweaver 7 is considered one of the best programs in the market today. Created and continuously upgraded by Panorama Software, it offers a full range of stitching styles, output formats for video and graphic, and supports all types of camera lenses. Here are a few of Panoweaver's latest features:

1. Tripod Removing

The newest feature of Panoweaver is that you can remove the tripod from your panorama after converting it to cubic one.

2. Hotspot in Panorama

Add actions to inserted hotspots in panorama. Pop up image and linking to URL is included in supported actions.

3. Context Menu Website Link

This program allows website link setting through right clicking the context menu.

4. Wide-Angle and Normal Photo Stitching

Take normal digital camera or wide angle lens photos and stitch them into multiple rows. This is applicable for both 360 degree or partial panorama styles.

5. Fisheye Photo Stitching

This is perfect for Tourweaver’s interactive virtual tour. Stitching circular, full frame and drum type fisheye photos to create full 360 spherical panoramas has never been easier.

6. Immersive Panorama Publishing

Use any of the most popular panorama publishing formats like QuickTime movie (*.mov), standalone swf (*.swf), Html based Flash Vr and Easypano virtual tour player with Java platform.