6 Great Features of GeoVision Software

GeoVision Software is a full-fledged surveillance system with many intelligent features. The software can process data, audio and video footage acquired from remote and direct surveillance networks. The recording of footage can be scheduled according to time or when motion is detected. Here are some great features of this software.

1. Object Indexing through Face Detection

GeoVision provides features to use human faces as an object index and record them as such. This feature is quite intelligent as it ignores other body parts and objects over a complex background. Such an indexing helps in fast retrieval of video data.

2. Automating Appliances Visually

The Visual Automation feature enables the user to operate various electronic appliances by just clicking on their image on the screen. The clicking triggers an output device which turns the appliance on or off.

3. I/O Control Virtually

GeoVision also provides a feature for Virtual I/O control of devices connected to the server. These controls can be accessed via a GUI panel, or the image of the device will have an icon of direction which can be clicked on the live screen.  

4. Better Levels of Resolutions

Starting from 1600 x 1200, GeoVision provides two more options of 1680 x 1050 and 1920 x 1200 for higher resolutions on the screen.

5. Better Detection of Motion

The advanced technology used in GeoVision provides setup for much sensitivity over different areas. This makes surveillance much more efficient over multiple areas that need monitoring.

6. Superior Searching Capabilities

The Timeline search feature provides a graphical tool which enables the user to precisely locate a footage shot in a particular time frame. The timeline can focus on time frames up to seconds and then search and play the retrieved footage.