6 Great Features of Fantamorph

FantaMorph is a photo morphing program for changing the looks of your picture and videos. You can use this tool to morph one person’s face into another person’s or to an animal’s face. The Standard edition of FantaMorph is only $29.95 (in 2010), and you can try it for a limited time for free. This program is so easy to use that even a beginner will quickly catch onto how to use it. Here are six great features of Fantamorph:

1. Supported Formats

One of the best features of FantaMorph is that it supports a wide variety of image formats. Some of these formats BMP, PNG, AVI, PCX, JPEG and TGA. You can also import and export FantaMorph Point File (FMD) and FantaMorph Editing Frame (FME).

2. Effects

FantaMorph allows you to add a large amount of effects to your pictures and videos. Change the color of the background and change the opacity of your foreground image. The Trail effect allows you to add motion blur and motion trail, and you can change the intensity of the effect. Add lighting effects and manipulate the bright or dark intensity of the effect. You can also add transitions, including cut, fade in and fade out.

3. Video

When editing your videos, you can change the total length of the video and change the size of the video, including creating your own custom sizes. Add captions in any font type, size and position. You can also add a border to your caption or add text effects like shadow.

Add filters to your videos, including blur, mosaic, splash, blur and smooth. You can watch your morphing effects on the editing screen without having to view them in a media player. You can also adjust the frames per second play speed from 1 to 60 frames per second.

4. Interface

The user interface of this program is easy to use, and you can customize it. Pick from one of three skins or create you own customized skin. You can use one of six different view modes, and you can switch between these modes anytime that you want to. These modes include the following: Full Screen, Full, Preview Only, Edit Only, Dual View and Frame Sequence.

You can also change the language preferences, and you can split  up the view screen, including seeing two images at the same time plus the Preview screen.

5. Image Editing

The image editing features allow you to rotate your image different ways, including 180 and 90 degrees. You can also flip your images either vertical or horizontally. Adjust your image until it looks the way you want to, including brightening your image or adding contrast or saturation. Add captions with borders.

You can also swap the source images and add different filters. Crop images based on your preferences. You can create customize cuts or keep the aspect ratio. If you decide that you do not like anything that you have done, simply hit the Undo/Redo button to take you back to the previous step.

6. Print/Export

When you are done morphing your images, you can print them out, retaining the captions, size and page setup. You can also export your videos to other image sequence files.