6 Fun Photo Editing Gimmicks

Paint Shop Pro gives you many different tools to use on your digital photos including some fun photo editing gimmicks. These gimmicks can be applied to most any digital photo to give them new life and more fun. This article will highlight 6 different easy to use photo editing gimmicks found in Paint Shop Pro.

1. Glass Globe

This technique will make any photo look as if it were inside of a glass globe. You can add the effect of "spherize" to place a circle in the center of the photo that will bend the image just as a glass globe would. After applying the sphere over the picture you can adjust many different variables from the shininess to the glare given off from the glass globe.

2. No Boundaries

This effect will make the subject of your picture appear to be coming out of the photo that it is in. By creating multiple layers and removing the surroundings outside of the new photo frame the subject of your picture will appear to be extending beyond the borders of the photo.

3. Charcoal Painting

Turn any photo that you want into a work of charcoal drawn art. Just import the photo you want to edit and begin by applying the colorize filter. This will turn the photo black and white and then you can apply the pencil effect from the artistic effects tools. This will turn your photo into a light pencil drawing and you can adjust the settings from there to get the darkness and overall look you want.

4. The Photo Within

This effect will make one photo into two by highlighting a section of the photo and adjusting the color and brightness to make it stand out from the rest of the photo. Once you create the outline for the photo within your photo you can add a photo edge around it to distinguish it further. Then simply add a filter to the background and a drop shadow to the picture inside and you are finished.

5. Create a Caricature

You can create a caricature of anybody you have a photo of in Paint Shop Pro with this fun toy edit. Open the photo that you want and use the Warp Brush to extend the cheeks and whatever other features you want. Hide the background layer and then apply the Color Sketch Script to give it the cartoon look. When you make the background layer visible again it will leave it with the caricature look you want.

6. Wild Thing

The last fun edit is to make any photo pop visually with a stark contrast between bright colors and black and white. Open the photo that you want to edit and create a new layer. On the background layer add the Colorize filter to give it bright colors overall. Then put the original photo on top of that colored image and erase wherever you want the bright color to shine through. The areas that you erase will show the bright colors underneath to create the effect. Merge the layers into one and you are done.

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