6 Basics of Selective Photo Editing in Viveza

Viveza is a popular image editing application which makes touch ups very simple. This means that you can easily select an individual area of an image and then touch it up. One of the best features in Viveza is that you're able to selectively edit parts of your photograph.

There are a number of basics which can make photo editing in Viveza much easier. These basics will make it possible to selectively edit various parts of an image. Viveza makes adjusting colors, brightness and saturation much simpler.

1. Selecting Control Points

A control point is a reference point in Viveza, which can be used to adjust specific colors in an image. Control points make image editing really easy, and it's very simple to apply. Click Add Control Point to create a control point, and then click on the image. Clicking the image will set that specific color as the control point, and this makes it easy to adjust that part.

Make sure that you select the right colors as the control points so that you are adjusting the correct sections of the image. If you have made any mistakes, then you can press Esc. to cancel the control point.

2. Duplicating Control Points

If the control point doesn't cover the entire image, then you can duplicate the control point to cover a much larger area. Hold down Alt and then drag the control point to extend the area. Once the control points are duplicated, then this will instantly cover a much larger area of the image.

3. Grouping Control Points

If you are duplicating the control points, then you could end up with a number of points all over the image. Clicking all of these and selecting them together will make it possible to group them together. When grouping the control points, it is then possible to adjust the settings easily and in one go.

To group the control points, you need to select them all and then click the group button. This will also make it much easier to manage and control the colors of the image.

4. Adjusting Sliders

Various parts of the image can be adjusted by playing around with the sliders. These sliders make it possible to saturate, desaturate, color and adjust the brightness of each part of the image. The sliders can be adjusted, and you will see the effects in real time.

5. Creating More Control Points

Additional control points can be created in the same way as the first ones to ensure that the correct settings are kept. As many control points as required can be created.

6. Experimenting

Whenever you're first starting to use a new piece of software, you must spend time experimenting so that you can get the most out of it. Experimenting will make it much easier to learn how to use the software to do a number of different things. Get hold of a practice image and experiment with adjusting the colors and brightness.

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