5 Worst Video Editing Effects

Video editing has come a long way from the era of manually cutting and splicing film clips and taping them together. Long gone are the days when you have to manually patch in several camcorders and players to a machine, and literally match frames in order to come up with a continuous and seamless video. Now all you need is a computer program, and you're good to go.

There are, however, some individuals who tend to get carried away with the powers of digital editing. During its humble beginnings, some effects may still be forgivable. Nowadays though, there is no reason why your video should look like it was time-warped from the 80s. No matter how excited you might be to use them, here are the top worst video editing effects that you better avoid.

1. Lens Flare

Using the lens flare either as an add-on to your title card or a transition is no longer done. This is that globe of light that travels through shots supposedly created by sunlight. Previously used to create a magical feel for videos, or to highlight some dramatic movements, this effect is simply too outdated and overused. No matter how cool you think your video will become, stop using the lens flare.

2. Fly-In Transitions

This is possibly useful for photo montages, but even so, it should be used with great caution and an extremely critical eye. Fly-In transitions are reminiscent of 80s television, and they do nothing to your videos. It only distracts from the subject, and shows signs of an amateur editor. These include most animated transitions such as the Cube, Star, Blinds, Cross Zoom and more. The more animated transitions in your video, the worst it looks.

3. Animated Transitions

Basically, the less transition effects you use, the better and more professional your video will look. Animated transition effects are also some of the worst editing effects you can possibly use. These include the Wipe, Push, Gradient Wipe and more. As much as possible, limit your edit to clean cuts and dissolves.

4. Animated Texts

Just like transitions, gaudily animated and colorful text should by all means be avoided. Especially if your titles look like they were done on WordArt, they ought to be removed. These include texts and titles that fly in, bounce in, flip, spin and more. There are very rare instances when these are accepted, but unless you're creating an independent art film or a parody video, then by all means avoid these text effects.

5. Solarize

This is one of the video effects which seems totally useless. Solarizing your video clip only makes it look outdated and awkward, and it does not achieve anything. If you mean to disguise something in the shot, use a spot blur or mosaic instead. Using the Mosaic effect on the entire shot is also bad.

Though digital video editing holds a lot of promise, you should try to do as little as possible. The more effects you bombard your video with, the more gaudy and amateur it will look. For a clean and seamless professional project, lighten up on the digital effects and avoid those that are listed here.

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