5 Ways to Combine Photoshop and Xara 3D

Xara 3D is an application which can be used to create text and graphics with a number of effects. It can create 3-dimensional text and graphics, whether static or animated. Adobe’s Photoshop program is renowned worldwide for editing graphics. Combined with Photoshop, the possibilities have become greater and limited only to the artist’s creative mind.

Users can choose to download the program for a small price or try out its features for free. Keep in mind that any revisions done with the trial version will produce a watermark. Here are a number of suggestions when it comes to combining both powerful programs.

1. 3-Dimensional Composition

The Xara program is renowned in creating 3-dimensional text. Much like the Photoshop program, Xara allows users to create effects such as beveling, extrusion and even add lighting to the text. The program is simple to use, and users can create their own 3D graphics in a number of minutes. Export the text or image to PNG format and open in Photoshop. For text exported as separate letters, Photoshop allows users to arrange the letters how users see fit.

A background can even be added to create artwork or a more interesting compilation. In some cases, the color of the text or image exported is different. Opening the file in Photoshop will allow the user to change colors, add gradients, shadows, additional images, elements and much more.

2. Static Logos

Users can also create imaginative static logos with the use of Xara and Photoshop. Start off with creating the logo with Photoshop. After creating the outline for the logo, save the file in one of many formats compatible with Xara. Through the use of Xara, users can create 3-dimensional or a stylized logo or image.

3. Animated Logos and Screensavers

The Xara and Photoshop can also be switched in use. Creative text and logos can be created with Photoshop. With the use of Xara, the images can be animated. These can be saved as an AVI, animated GIF or Xara’s own X3D format. Animated graphics can grab a person’s attention much faster. This is great for use with websites, animated greeting cards or e-cards, presentations and even newsletters. The same technique can also be used to create personalized screensavers, which can be used to customize a person’s computer.

4. Textured Text

Photoshop is capable of opening and editing a wide variety of image types. For text and images made with Xara, the color and text can be changed to create more realistic effects such as graffiti on a picture of a wall.

5. Buttons and Web Graphics

Xara has revolutionized technology, making high quality images but with smaller sizes. This is perfect for uploading images for website design and use. Besides websites, the images can also be used for presentations. Combined with Photoshop, users can create buttons, banners and other graphics for the web.

The rave reviews concerning the use of both programs are steadily increasing. Users are advised to try looking at existing artwork and recreate effects. Experiment with what the Xara and Photoshop programs can do combined, and see the amazing compositions that can be done.