5 Useful Portrait Professional 9 Features

Portrait Professional 9 features new technology that creates a way of touching up portraits without the use of airbrush techniques. Here are five useful features of this software:

1. Sliders

You use sliders to enhance the portrait rather than retouch it. This new incredible technology gives you the opportunity to control far more than you ever imagined would be possible. You can reduce blemishes at the touch of a button. It has a smooth-skin sculpting tool, as well as an eye enhancement tool.

2. Lighting Control

You have full lighting control and it is totally customizable to your likes and dislikes with the presets. This helps in adjusting the photo's light effects.

3. Touch-Up

Manual-touch brush up is a breeze. You can simply touch-up the parts of the images you wish to.

4. Formatting

It can be written to both .jpeg and .tiff formats and will read raw images. The .tiff format can be both read and written in 48-bit color.

5. Plug-In

If you are already using Adobe Photoshop, you can add it as a plug-in to Photoshop. The Adobe DMG format is easily read with this program. Your image size has no limitations on it, and it is optimized for Windows 64 bit. All in all, it supplies you with many formats you will find useful. Depending on what you are looking for, this program is available in three different versions. It also includes free online support.