5 Reasons to Use Virtual Tour Maker

Virtual Tour Maker provides 360 degree views of specific places that you wish to “tour” for other people. You can make virtual presentations of these places without actually being there physically. With the wonders of technology, people can now see different other places in their totality with this program. It makes your life easier by having a separate team that does the legwork of physically inspecting and recording the location and integrating all the info into a complete presentation. Here are five reasons to use this program:

1. Complete Tour

The package includes a complete tour of the location that you wish to present. It segregates the places into parts and consolidates them into one presentation.

2. Tour in Different Formats

The package also comes with a CD which contains different formats of the tour. You can choose between Flash, HTML or JPG files, depending on where you wish to distribute them.

3. Slideshows

You also receive high-quality still images of the tour. These images are the most important and significant places of the location. This helps put emphasis on which places the viewers should consider the most.

4. Online Listing

Your tour can also be listed online and all you have to do to invite people is to give them the URL of your tour. People now can instantly access that specific location by placing the URL in the address bar of their browser.

5. Customization

You can also add your own ideas into your tour by adding skins and subtle effects to make the presentation more convincing and appealing. Virtual Tour Maker gives you options on how to further improve the basic location you are promoting.