5 Reasons to Use Sketch Master

Sketch Master is 3D special effects plug-in software that transforms your photos into sketches or drawings. The output is so realistic that other people will think that the images were originally done by hand. It is able to effectively capture the essence of images being sketched by hand and is able to reflect the depth and contrast of these images. Here are five reasons to use this program:

1. Layers

The program gives you three layers for editing and adjusting the image, depending on how you want the final product to look like. These layers give you the freedom to play around with the image to see how each effect will look when applied.

2. Effects

In order to achieve that hand-sketched effect, this software offers a wide range of effects that simulate real-life hand drawings or sketches. For example, you can choose between pencil, ink and charcoal effects for your images.

3. Easy to Use

Sketch Master is also a program that’s easy to use and you don’t need any specialized training in order to achieve specific hand-drawn texture. The simple-to-use interface allows you to apply the various effects the plug-in offers.

4. Level of Detail

Aside from adding effects to the image, you can also enhance the level of detail of the effects that you are applying. For example, you can thicken or lessen the number of simulated pencil strokes to the outline of a particular portrait.

5. Value

This plug-in does not cost a lot and is a very good addition to your Photoshop program. If you are unsure about whether you would want this program, a free downloadable trial version is available. You will enjoy the benefits of Sketch Master when you try it out.