5 Reasons to Use ScreenBlast

Screenblast is a video editing program that is powerful and has many functions that may be of help to an enthusiast. It is made specifically for the common consumer and is a tamer version of the Sony Vegas. It is able to extensively edit videos with ease and has a wide range of capabilities in altering your videos or photos. Here are five reasons to use this program:

1. Usability

This program is not difficult to use, especially now that it has been created for the common consumer. The interface is not difficult to navigate and you can easily drag and drop your videos to make your own homemade movies.

2. Precision

The software also has tools for precise editing preferences. It gives you the power to do what you want, how you want it to be done. Several tools give you this option and combine their functions in order to further refine your video editing goals.

3. Effect Support

With the program’s comprehensive effect support, you are able to apply numerous effects to your video clips in any order. These are then reflected easily into your final product and will be of high quality.

4. Stability

Despite being heavy on tools and functions, ScreenBlast is stable enough to withstand all of the abuses the user does to it while editing. It can handle multiple video editing sessions and can withstand numerous effects being applied.

5. Audio Effects

Although a video editing tool, it also has some audio effects that you can apply to your movie. You can also alter some of the audio in your existing video by lowering the volume, fading, etc. ScreenBlast is a powerful program that offers a lot to the average user.