5 Reasons to Use Pixelmator

Pixelmator is image-editing software for the Mac that is up to par with other state of the art image-editing software in the industry today. It is one of the rare programs that works harmoniously with the Mac operating system, since most third-party programs do not. Usually only programs made by Apple work well on the Mac OS. It is great image-editing software that is precise and gets the job done. Here are five reasons to use this program:

1. Value

Pixelmator is relatively affordable as compared to other image-editing software found in the market today. With the array of tools and editing capabilities that it offers, you can consider this a steal.

2. Easy to Use

Like any other software, when you first use it, you may be overwhelmed by the wide array of options it offers. However, it takes very little time to get used to the interface and it is relatively easy to navigate your way through the program.

3. Exporting and Importing

As mentioned earlier, the program gets along well with the operating system of the Mac and relates fairly well to other programs such as iPhoto. You can easily import and export photos from programs such as this with no hassle.

4. File Support

This software also supports a wide range of image formats, with the usual JPEG, TIFF and PNG on the list. This is very important to image editors since they work with different file types from different sources.

5. Help and Support

It also has an excellent support database where you can find the causes of problems and discover new techniques. Pixelmator also has an online forum with lots of users in the community to help you out (and for sharing ideas).