5 Reasons to Use Picture Saver

Picture Saver is a free software program that you can download from the Internet at any time. Its purpose is to enable you to take the current pictures on your computer and instantly make them screen savers. This great program lets you choose the pictures that you wish to be part of your screen saver choices. Here are some reasons to use this program:

1. Instant Screen Saver

Your existing pictures can now be screen savers. You don’t have to settle for the screen savers provided to you by your operating system or those found online. With this program, it allows you to customize your screen saver to give your computer a more personalized look.

2. Multi Format Support

Picture Saver supports the major and most commonly used image formats such as JPEG, TIF, GIF and a lot more. The program recognizes these image formats and allows them to be included in a slideshow when your computer is idle.

3. Video Effects

Aside from using your own photos as screen savers, you can also add effects to them in order to enhance them a little bit more. You can add various effects such as wipes, fade and other fun effects.

4. Audio

Your screen saver can also be embedded with an audio file if you wish. While making your screen saver, simply find your audio file in your computer and select it in order to add it. Note that it will only take .WAV and .MID files.

5. Password

If someone else uses your computer or if you are sharing a computer, chances are, the other people using it might change or remove your screen saver. Picture Saver gives you the added protection of putting a password on your screen saver so no one can change or delete it.