5 Reasons to Use Paint Net

Paint Net is photo-editing software that has the basic tools for your everyday editing needs. It is a free, yet powerful, program that is compared to the likes of Adobe and Corel. It basically runs on Windows and is very easy to use. Below are some reasons why you should consider utilizing this program.

1. Simplicity

An image-editing program does not need to be complicated with all those buttons that confuse the user. Paint Net has a simple interface that utilizes tabs in order to switch easily between images. This makes editing much faster.

2. Speed

The performance of this program is quite phenomenal. It won’t ever make you wait long at startup. The system requirements are not that steep and any up-to-date computer will be able to handle it. Editing will be much more fun without the lag and delays most photo editing programs have.

3. Layers

This program, despite being free, supports layers and enhances your photo editing experience. It gives you more options to enhance your images by letting you add layers to edit certain portions of your photos individually.

4. Community of Users

It also has its own online forum where other users converge to discuss the product. You can learn a lot of techniques and advanced tips to further maximize your use of the software.

5. Unlimited Undo Options

The program also has an unlimited number of undo options, meaning every action you take on your image is recorded in the history and you can go back to any part of your image editing process. Paint Net gives you this freedom in your editing.