5 Reasons to use Galleroo

Galleroo is a web album or web-image gallery that has a unique way to preview features and also can support annotation and movies. It was built for the use of both novice and advanced webmasters. It lets you create web galleries of thumbnails. Here are a few reasons on why you may want to use it.

1. Help the Author

Rather than charge a lot of money for the program, the author asks for donations for making it possible for us to use the program. The minimum you can donate is $10.00, so if you like using it, you should make the small donation.

2. Ease of Use

This program is very simple and easy to use. If you miss something and are not sure what to do next, just go on. Once you finish and the gallery needs more information, the program will tell you this and instruct you as to where the information should be added.

3. Style Options

There are five styles that are currently available on Galleroo. When you have selected your style, you can use the options so you can create your style further to look more like a gallery.

4. Themes

The themes let you keep the options you have chosen for your gallery. You can have multiple themes for the styles and options.

5. Preview and Go

Once you have finished your gallery, it is time that you preview the gallery you have just designed. Once you have done that, it is time for you to press go, so the image gallery will generate with your own style and theme. While your gallery is generating, the go button will swap to a stop button so that you are able to stop your Galleroo gallery.