5 Reasons to Buy Rendera Software

Rendera is a free program for Windows that you can use to color, retouch and edit images. It is a program that gives you the essential tools and effects to make simple alterations to your photos. It is like a version of Windows Paint but a little bit more comprehensive because it has more options. Here are five reasons to buy this software:

1. Free

You actually don’t have to purchase Rendera to enjoy the simple benefits it provides. You can download it easily from the company's website. You can then use it without limits and edit photos until you drop.

2. System Requirements

It also does not eat up a lot of resources from your PC and it will work well with Windows ME and up. The file size for download is also a mere 192kb and you just need 256MB of RAM.

3. Colorizing

For such a simple program, Rendera is capable of colorizing images and bringing them back to life. For example, a black and white image can be given back its original color and there would be no degradation or loss of quality.

4. Effects

It also has a number of useful effects. You can remove dust from scanned images, and it can detect and automatically remove specs of dust that may ruin the clarity of the image. You can also increase color saturation of your image but still retain its integrity.

5. Easy to Use

Since it is a simple graphics editor, the interface is quite simple as well, and it can easily be learned by the user. The options are pretty uncomplicated.