5 Reasons to Buy iRemember

Think of iRemember as a scrapbook, a piece of memory that you’ll want to share with your family and friends. Editing pictures and adding them to a scrapbook can be very time consuming, and you might also need the help of professional editing software. See why iRemember eliminates the need for that.

1. Save Time

When making a scrapbook, there are several things you have to build from scratch. iRemember creates a whole album in a few minutes. Using only your mouse, you can cut and shape pictures in seconds. No editing skills are required.

2. Save Money

Using professional software to crop and touch up your pictures can cost hundreds of dollars. iRemember offers a better, more simple alternative to real scrapbooks, which have stickers and embellishments that cost money.

3. Enjoy a Wide Variety

The software comes with a lot of bundled artwork. You can select backgrounds that look like real textured materials. It also comes with borders, ribbons, corners and brads that add an extra touch to any picture. On top of that, they offer a 3,000-image Clip Art gallery.

4. Never Clean Up Again

Making a real scrapbook can end up making your room look like a warzone. Work at your computer with zero mess and faster results.

5. Share your Scrapbooks Online

A scrapbook is made to be shown. Share your work online with all your friends and family using iRemember.