5 New Fetures in Viveza 2

Viveza 2 is a popular image editing application produced by Nik Software Inc. Although it's not as popular or as well known as Photoshop, it is a very capable and useful program. Viveza 2 is very powerful, fast and easy to use. No matter what you are trying to do to your image, you will be able to easily edit it in Viveza.

Viveza can be installed into Photoshop and many other well known image editing applications, and it makes editing photographs very simple. You can complete most of the projects with a few clicks of the mouse.

1. U-Point Technology

U Point technology is patented and makes editing images much easier. Although this has been around since version 1, it is now much more accurate and easier to use. Simply pointing and clicking anywhere on the image will display a number of different sliders which can be used to adjust colors, saturation and various other features as much as needed.

The software is also much quicker than older versions and uses the resources of your computer much more carefully. No matter what you are trying to do with your image, you should find that Viveza 2 will be able to make the changes very quickly and easily.

2. Help

Viveza version 2 also features a useful interactive help function. This means that if you don't know exactly how to do something, then it's possible to easily search for the answer in the help documents. The help is full of lots of very useful information which can help to solve a wide range of problems that you might be having.

When looking for advice, it's possible to search through the help or browse through various categories. If you are also looking for a way to get some more help, then it's easy to search on the Internet.

3. Precision

Point and click photo editing isn't new, however, Viveza 2 brings accuracy to the table. This tool is amazingly accurate and precise, which means that the exact colors selected will be adjusted without touching the others. Experiment with Viveza 2, and you should quickly discover just how accurate the image editing can be.

4. Natural Effects

One common problem with image editing is that the results don't always look natural. If the photos look noticeably unnatural, then these won't look very good. The touch-ups that Viveza 2 creates are all very natural and effective. The results of Viveza 2 are more natural looking than the previous version.

5. User Interface

The user interface in version 2 of Viveza has undergone some changes to make it a whole lot easier to use. If you are used to working with the first version, then you shouldn't find it that confusing, however, it is laid out in a slightly better way. If you ever need any help understanding the new user interface, then the help files contain everything that you need to know.

Viveza 2 is a much more powerful piece of software which makes editing your images simple and more enjoyable. This will really simplify the process required to edit and touch up your photos.

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