5 Media 100 Hardware Options

Media 100 suite offers support for a lot of different kinds of hardware on the market today. Here are five hardware options to choose from:

1. Matrox MXO2

The MXO2 is the most supported hardware by media 100. All of its features are compatible with MXO2. If you are looking for the best hardware that is supported by Media 100, then this is the perfect one for you.

2. KONA 3

Almost as compatible as the MXO2, everything is supported in KONA 3 except portable devices and input and output for HDMI cables. Also, it offers only RCA out in analog audio I/O.


The KONA LHi does not support portable devices but other than that, everything is supported. This is the second best alternative that you can have next to the MXO2.


KONA LHe is not supported in 3 categories. It does not support portable devices, HDMI input and output, and does not support real time SD to HD up conversion.


The KONA LSe is the least impressive among all the hardware options that you can have. It does not support seven things. Aside from not supporting portable devices, HDMI I/O and SD to HD up conversion, it also does not support HD to SD down conversion, 10-bit uncompressed HD, 10-bit HD analog component I/O and HD-SDI I/O.