5 Key Administrative Features of ImageFolio Pro

After logging into ImageFolio Pro as an administrator, you will want to make full use of its very useful administrative features. To find out what you can do as an administrator, simply click on the button labeled Gallery, which can be found on your screen at the top right end corner. Here are five key administrative features of this program:

1. Setup

As an administrator, you will find that this software makes it very easy to set up and install and configure your server. The software automatically determines server paths as well as URLs and can make changes to key configuration options on the fly, with any browser.

2. Skins Manager

This tool allows you to install new skins and view descriptions of skins. It also removes and restores skins and can also duplicate skins that you can use to create new ones. In addition, you can use this tool to edit HTML templates for your skin through a web browser.

3. Batch Uploading

ImageFolio Pro allows you to create thumbnails and preview images in a size and quality of your choosing. This can be done while you are batch uploading source files. There is, therefore, no need to install third party software to do this work for you.

4. Statistics

Whenever you visit the home page for the administrator, you will get to see all the statistics including total groups, total users, total administrators and total files, as well as total categories and more.

5. Disk Usage

You can, as an administrator, also make use of the Disk Usage Function to find out the amount of disk space being used, which can then be broken into categories. This way, it is easy to see which categories are using up most space.

Other administrator features that are worth checking out include viewing user and groups and making use of demonstrations and tutorials.