5 Creative Tools for PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus is not only a sophisticated photo editing software, but it also has tools which let you get creative and achieve spectacular effects for your photos. Here are a list of 5 such creative tools.

1. Cutout Tool

The Cutout studio is a complete set of functions which will enable you to easily remove any type of objects from your photos. You can precisely take out a person or any other unwanted items from your shots.

2. Masking and Layering Tool

With the layering tool, it is possible to create a single image that consists of a composite of several images. You have more control over the layering with the masking tool, which will give you the required transparency and opacity levels.

3. Filter Tool

There is a whole set of filters which will enhance your photo's image quality. The filter tool also helps you create a variety of stunning effects.

4. Drawing Tool

You can paint or sketch on parts of your images with a variety of brushes and pencils having different textures. With this tool, the creative potential is practically endless.

5. Pressure Tool

To enhance your drawing skills, you can use the pressure tool to adjust the sensitivity of your brush and pencil strokes. This creates a natural environment to execute artistic strokes on your graphic's tablet.