5 Cool Features of Scene7

The Adobe Scene7 is an amazing solution for streamlining, automation and management of digital assets, media assets and web publishing. The Adobe Scene7 is directed at enhancing the web experiences of an online store or a small business. Here are five of the coolest features of Adobe Scene7.

1. Advanced Functionalities for Small Business

Adobe Scene7 allows several small businesses to play on a level playing field along with the big boys. You can implement dynamic web publishing that allows you to manipulate content online by zooming in and out, changing colors and reading online catalogs. This can all be done in one secure hosted environment with amazingly rich asset management.

This will inadvertently lead to a dramatic increase in user engagement and customer experience levels. This also simplifies asset management while facilitating interaction between the designers and the clients.

2. Dynamic Imaging Basics

Scene7 allows you to upload and enable dynamic content manipulation on a website. This includes panning, formatting, zooming, resizing and editing of published content.

3. eCatalogs

You can also publish online interactive versions of your already available print materials.

4. Media Portal

Adobe Scene7 allows you to directly collect, manage and share digital assets in a secure and creatively controlled environment.

5. Additional Features

Apart from enabling a much richer and engaging user experience on the website, Adobe Scene7 helps you to fully automate the version controlling and monitoring of file formats. This alone has the potential to reduce the volume of the content up to 80 percent and simultaneously reduce the cost and time of production up to 3 times.